Custom made chastity belts, made in germany

The correct measure

Neosteel chastity belts are made to measure. The correct measurements are essential for a good fit and proper functioning of the belt.

Measuring by yourself

For decades, our measuring kit has been available for this purpose, which allows you to take the measurements yourself.

The measuring kit comes with a detailed guide for taking measurements. The kit is designed to be used alone, although having a second person can simplify the process.


Measuring by us

In addition, there is the possibility of getting measured personally.

The appointment calendar indicates the dates when it is possible to get measured personally with corresponding markings.

In addition, appointments can be made in Sindelfingen near Stuttgart. For this purpose, please send proposed dates via email to

This is how the measuring process works at Neosteel:

We will meet at the Hotel Appartis by the city park in Sindelfingen.

There is the opportunity to touch and compare the different models.

Normally, the measuring is executed by a man, and upon request, by a woman.

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Ausmessen auf Messen

Einige Male im Jahr sind wir auch auf Messen vertreten. Auch hier kann ein Ausmessen stattfinden. Schreiben Sie uns einfach im Vorhinein eine Mail oder kommen Sie an der Messe auf uns zu. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch.

Fetish Celebration in Bottrop

Vom 29.09.2023 bis zum 01.10.2023 haben wir einen Stand auf der Fetish Celebration.

BoFeWo in Hofheim

Vom 06.10.2023 bis 08.10.2023 sind wir mit einem Stand auf der BoFeWo vertreten.