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Custom made chastity belts, made in germany

We at Neosteel manufacture high-quality stainless steel chastity belts according to your individual measurements. Below, we would like to introduce our product lines and share a few words about them.

Our most popular product line. All parts are made of pure stainless steel, with no silicone or neoprene that can irritate the skin or pull on hair. The 3mm thick waistband fits perfectly to the body due to its ergonomic shape and is very stable. Accidentally bending the belt while wearing it is impossible. The crotch plates are made of 1.5mm thick stainless steel and have a welded edge, so the part that rests against the skin is also 3mm thick and therefore comfortable to wear without the metal cutting into the skin. We offer crotch plates for people with a penis in the shapes of Sport, Total, Fun, and Arch. If you prefer a more feminine look for your belt, you can choose an additional front plate for these products, and with an additional front plate, the crotch plate is also available in the ErgoRear variant. For people without a penis, the Sport, Total, and ErgoRear variants are available. The description of the crotch bands can be found below.

After the development of the Masterpiece series, it was found that the parts can be too wide and heavy for smaller and narrower people. So the Spaceless series was developed. The parts are made of pure stainless steel, just like the Masterpiece parts, and are also 3mm thick at the waistband and the edges of the crotch band. However, both the waistband and the crotch band are narrower and therefore lighter. We recommend the Spaceless series to anyone with a waist circumference of less than 75cm and to anyone who wants to try a lighter and narrower version of a pure metal belt. For crotch bands, we offer the Total, Sport, Fun, and Arch shapes, just like in the Masterpiece version. With an additional front shield, there is also the ErgoRear shape, and without a penis tube, there are the Total, Sport, and ErgoRear shapes.

The classic stainless steel series with silicone edging. The hip band is made of 1.5mm thick, high-gloss polished stainless steel, which is covered with silicone on the inside and at the edges. The crotch bands are also made of 1.5mm stainless steel and edged with silicone. The width of the parts corresponds to the Masterpiece series, but due to the thinner material, the parts are significantly lighter and easier to bend. We use only skin-friendly silicone in black color.
You can get the same types of Schrittbänder (Total and Sport, with an additional front shield also ErgoRear) as mentioned above. You can also combine a silicone hip belt with an Arch or a Fun, but these are not surrounded by silicone, but coated with plastic and provided with heat shrink tubing in the anal area. Generally, all silicone parts can be combined with Masterpiece/Spaceless parts as long as the system variant is ordered and the parts are interchangeable.

Chastity Belt with Chains
The most classic chastity belts on the market. A front shield that covers the vagina or penis (the penis variant comes with a penis tube) is attached to two chains with a D-ring that run over the buttocks and end at the hip belt also in a D-ring. A third D-ring at the center back of the hip belt can be used to attach an anal shield that makes anal sex impossible and can be used for a dildo. You can get chain chastity belts in both the pure metal version and the silicone version. Please note that when ordering a measurement kit for a chain chastity belt, you must check a box.

Sport: With the Sport version, a wire rope with shrink tubing coating runs through the buttocks from the front plate to the back. Therefore, the belt is less cumbersome and, as the name suggests, can also be worn during athletic activities. We can confirm that activities such as cycling, running, and swimming, for example, can be done while wearing this chastity belt. The sports crotch band can be combined with dildos. In the version for people with a penis, you will also receive a penis tube that is attached and locked into the crotch band.
Total: With the Total variant, there is a hole at the height of the anus. The crotch band sits on the buttocks. To prevent anal sex, you receive an additional anal shield that you can insert, but the crotch band can also be worn without it. The anal shield also creates the possibility of wearing dildos. In the variant for people with a penis, you also receive a penis tube that is hooked into and locked onto the crotch band.
Fun/Arch: The Fun and Arch variants are only suitable for people with a penis. There is no extra penis tube that is attached to a front shield. Instead, the crotch plate itself serves as the penis tube. The special shape presses the penis tightly against the body, making Arch and Fun the most inconspicuous chastity belts when worn under jeans, for example. There are three variants of this crotch plate. In the Sport variant, a wire rope coated with shrink tubing runs through the buttocks behind the penis tube. In the ErgoRear variant, there is a flexible anal opening that fits snugly against the inner sides of the buttocks. The RearGuard variant is similar to the Sport variant, except that instead of a wire rope, a slightly wider piece of stainless steel coated with shrink tubing runs through the buttocks, providing better protection against anal intercourse. The difference between Fun and Arch lies in the end of the penis tube. In the Arch variant, the end is a hemisphere that securely encloses the penis. In the Fun variant, there is a funnel at the end through which urine can flow more easily.
ErgoRear: In this variant, there is a flexible anal opening, covered with shrink tubing, similar to the Fun/Arch ErgoRear variant, which lies on the inside of the buttocks. As this opening is attached to an additional front shield, this variant is only available for individuals without a penis or with an additional front shield. In the variant for individuals with a penis, you will also receive a penis tube, which can be attached and locked to the rear front shield.

Additional options
If you need a penis tube, you have the choice between the classic black plastic coating or the option to coat your tube with a silver antibacterial coating. The antibacterial coating ensures better hygiene, allowing you to wear the belt for longer periods of time.
You can also opt for climate holes in your penis tube. Holes are drilled into the tube before coating, allowing for better ventilation of your penis. This also increases the hygiene factor and makes it more comfortable to wear.
In general, you have the option to have seal bolts on your waistband. With these, you can additionally secure the chastity belt with a numbered seal that cannot be replaced, in addition to the actual lock. Therefore, you can be sure that the chastity belt cannot be removed even if a key is present. To open the seals, a side cutter is required.
In addition, there is the option of a telescopic lock, where the waistband is locked twice. Thanks to the second lock, it is possible to adjust the size of the waistband without fully opening the belt.

Additionally, for almost all products, including bondage items, there is the option to add D-rings or bondage adapters. The bondage adapters are a connector system that can be opened with a socket wrench. Chains and connectors can be used to perform restraints without the need for additional carabiners or locks.

types of locks
We offer you various options to lock your chastity belt. The standard option would be the Abus lock, which is equipped with a special shackle protection that engages a pin and thus locks the lock. You will receive 2 keys for it. We do not have any additional keys for this lock. Therefore, if you lose these keys, we cannot help you.
Another option is the snap lock. With this type of lock, a round lock is simply pressed onto a pin, causing the lock to snap around the pin. It can be opened again with the help of a key that loosens the locked parts. If you lose the key that comes with it, you can order a replacement from us.
For an additional fee, we also offer Abus locks with higher security levels. We have the normal high-security lock, which comes with a shackle guard and a small additional plate with a pin. Again, you will receive the only two keys to the lock. We also offer the same lock in a version that is saltwater-resistant, allowing you to wear your chastity belt even in the sea. We also offer the option to have one of the two keys of the various Abus locks gold-plated. You will receive it in a jewelry box, making it a suitable gift.

Our Total-belts and Sport-belts can be combined with a dildo, which you can also purchase from us. We produce our dildos from nylon and stainless steel. You can choose between straight and wavy dildos. Upon request, we can also install stainless steel parts or balls that you can connect to an electrostimulation device (not sold by us). You can choose the length and diameter of the dildo according to your preferences. If you require measurements that are not available in our shop, please feel free to contact us by email.

We offer some bondage products. You can purchase handcuffs, ankle cuffs, thigh bands, collars, as well as discipline and waist belts from us.
All these products are made of 1.5mm high-gloss polished stainless steel and covered with silicone. You can choose between an Abus lock or a snap lock, and you can expand your products with D-rings and bondage adapters.

remote education
You can purchase collars, cock and ball cuffs, and waist belts from us that are equipped with holes for electrostimulation devices. By default, these holes are designed to fit the D-Control/D-Control mini series from dogtrace. If you have a different electrostimulation device, please feel free to email us. Additionally, you will receive a pair of electrodes to attach your device to the corresponding parts.
Attention: Please do not use electrostimulation devices if you have a pacemaker. We do not sell electrostimulation devices and are not liable for any potential bodily harm caused by the use of such devices.