Custom made chastity belts, made in germany

The hotel behind the Neosteel business address is our post office. We have a storage room there and our measuring takes place in the hotel. Currently, Neosteel is not big enough to need its own business premises, so this merger is personally advantageous for us.

This depends on your inquiry. We try to answer all emails within one to two weeks, but if you have a longer question, it may take a little longer. However, we are working to improve our response times. If we have not responded after 4 weeks, please feel free to write to us again.

Yes, of course. However, since Neosteel is currently only operated part-time, it may be that we cannot be reached directly by phone, but we will gladly call you back. If you have several questions or would like detailed advice, please feel free to make an appointment for a detailed phone call via email.

You can order complete chastity belts for people with and without a penis in our shop. Additionally, we offer individual spare parts as well as accessories and bondage gear. Feel free to browse and perhaps you will find your personal favorite item. Under the tab "Our Products," you will also find a description of all the products we sell.

If you have any wishes that we do not offer in our shop, please write us an email at info@neosteel.de. Then we can discuss together what possibilities there are for implementation.

You will receive a lock with 2 keys for your chastity belt. If you lose both keys, we cannot provide you with a replacement key. In this case, the chastity belt will have to be cut open. Therefore, we recommend keeping one of the two keys in a safe place or (if you want to use both keys) having a duplicate key made.
For snap locks, we can send you a new key. Please write us an email to info@neosteel.de or order a new key in the shop.

Yes, you can order componants such as new hip or other crotch bands through the website by selecting "Components." Under "Additionals," you will also find the option to reorder locks.

Waist and hip belts can now be ordered using the same form. The parts themselves differ only in the specified measurements, as they sit on different parts of the body. However, you can easily determine these measurements using the measuring set. You just need to wear it correctly, as described in the instructions.

The Masterpiece and Spaceless series always have an adjustability of one and a half centimeters. In the silicone series, you can choose this adjustability. For adjustable belts, a small weight change (from 5 to 10 kilos) is possible. For non-adjustable belts, a maximum of 2 to 3 kilos of weight fluctuation can be compensated.

Neosteel offers custom-made chastity belts. However, body shapes are always different and therefore the demands on the individual parts are also different. While one person may be comfortable with a slight bend, another may prefer a stronger one, as their body is shaped differently. Therefore, we recommend that you see what is most comfortable for you and then bend the individual parts accordingly so that you can wear the chastity belt comfortably.

The Spaceless series is narrower than the Masterpiece series. Both the waistband and the crotch band are less wide and therefore more comfortable to wear, especially for slimmer people.

The advantage of the Masterpiece/Spaceless series is the absence of silicone which results in less skin irritation and eliminates pulling of body hair. The thicker material also makes the belts more sturdy and makes it more difficult to escape or have an orgasm while wearing the chastity belt.

We can't offer well sized products, because they are costum-made- But we have a few products that you can touch and even try on with a bit of luck. It's not comparible to a fitting belt, but you can get a feel of the material.

We recommend taking off the chastity belt and cleaning it thoroughly once or twice a week. Apart from that, there are no restrictions on how long you can wear it, as long as you don't experience any discomfort while wearing it.

With warm water and soap, you should be able to remove all dirt. If you wish for a more thorough cleaning, you can also use disinfectants, and the chastity belts without silicone can even be cleaned in the dishwasher (please do not use the washing machine as it may not handle it well).

One of the most common questions with the simplest answer: Just like always. Depending on the type of chastity belt, cleaning after using the restroom may be a bit more difficult, but a chastity belt does not prevent the actual act of using the restroom.

There are some people who wear chastity belts from us and they also provide us with contributions. We will link them here as soon as possible.

To obtain a perfectly fitting chastity belt, it is crucial that the measurements taken are correct. In our experience, this is difficult to achieve with a measuring tape, especially if you want to measure yourself without assistance. With our measuring kit, this is much easier and can be done without help. Thanks to precise instructions and available videos, it is very easy to determine the correct numbers so that we can make a fitting chastity belt for you.

Yes, we offer personal measuring sessions. These can either take place at fairs or at our business premises (the Appartis Hotel in Sindelfingen). To make an appointment for this, please send an email to dw@neosteel.de.

Regularly, our CEO himself takes the measurements. Upon request, it may be possible for a woman to take the measurements, but this needs to be clarified via email.

If you place an order in our online shop, you will receive an email summarizing your order.

A payment confirmation is currently not sent automatically. However, we are in the process of setting up a payment confirmation.

You can pay in our online shop using PayPal, credit card, and bank transfer. If you place an order in person, for example at a trade fair or during a personal fitting session, you can also pay in cash.

Currently, we cannot offer installment payments as a regular payment method. However, we are working on being able to offer this in the future.

That depends on the country from which the order is placed. The delivery costs for measuring sets and small spare parts range from 5 € to 25 €, and for complete CBs from 20 € to 80 €.

The invoice will be sent along with the shipment of the order. If you need an invoice earlier, please send an email to cr@neosteel.de and you will receive your invoice earlier.